Item #139 SOUTH CAROLINA GENEALOGIES, Vols. I-V; Family History Articles Reprinted from the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine. South Carolina Historical Society.

SOUTH CAROLINA GENEALOGIES, Vols. I-V; Family History Articles Reprinted from the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine


Orig. pub. 1983. Print on Demand Edition 2015. Five volumes, 2000+ pages, illus. Available by volume. Item #139
ISBN: 9780871523686

These four volumes of genealogies of South Carolina families are reprinted from past issues of the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine. Since the beginning of the magazine in 1900, approximately 2000 pages of carefully compiled family genealogies have appeared in the journal representing altogether 75 family history articles of an average length of 20-25 pages. Many of the articles are the work of A.S. Salley and Mabel Webber, both well known as genealogists and the first two editors (1900-1908, 1909-1941) of the magazine. Prior to this publication in 1983, these articles had never before been combined into book form. Many of the articles contain material on more than one family; thus, the decision was made that a new consolidated index was necessary. This every-name index contains approximately 30,000 individuals and 3000 families. Families who are the subject of separate articles are: Alston, Ashmead, Axtell, Baker, Barnwell, Bennett, Blake, Bond, Brewton, Brisbane, Bull, Butler, Calhoun, Cantey, Capers, Cheves, Colcock, Colleton, Cordes, DuPre, Edwards, Elliott, Fenwick, Frasier, Gaillard, Gibbes, Glover, Grimball, Harleston, Hayne, Hext, Heyward, Hutson, Hyrne, Izard, Jenkins, Jervey, Johnson, Kinloch, McCord, Maybank, Mayrant, Means, Middleton, Miles, Moore, Morton, Moultrie, Nisbett, Pinckney, Postell, Pringle, Quattlebaum, Rhett, Rutledge, Sams, Seabrook, Simons, Smith, Taylor, Thomson, Trenholm, Trezevant, Villepontoux, Waring, Waites, Wiggs, Woodward, and Wragg. However, it should be remembered that these names are only a small sample of the families discussed in these volumes, and that the treatment of many of the other families is as extensive or more so than that of the names listed above. Upon publication in 1983, E.L. Inabinett, the late former director of the South Caroliniana Library [University of South Carolina], said: "Of all the titles in the South Caroliniana Library Collection, none is more frequently used by patrons than the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine for its superb collection of South Carolina-related genealogies. . . .Not only do they include many of the state's distinguished families, the three thousand surnames included are evidence of their coverage." Others commented: "The Reprint Company is helping every genealogist who has South Carolina ancestors. With an entirely new and more comprehensive index, these volumes will be easier to use than the original publications." [Gene Waddell, former director, South Carolina Historical Society]; ". . .the compilers are to be commended for carefully going through these back issues to include short supplements and additonal information on many of these families. . . .The index is the most welcome portion, since so many of these families were inter-related." [Brent H. Holcomb, South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research].

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