Item #127 A HISTORY OF SPARTANBURG COUNTY. Spartanburg Unit WPA Writers' Program.



Orig. pub. Spartanburg 1940. Reprinted 1976. Print on Demand Edition 2010. 338 pp., illus., index. Item #127
ISBN: 9780871522320

This book presents the history of Spartanburg County as compiled and written by the Spartanburg Unit of the WPA Writers' Program. Members of the project, under the editorship of Fronde Kennedy, researched courthouse records, newspaper files, and other sources for information on the affairs of city and county. An account of the formation of the Spartan Regiment, the Revolutionary battles in the county, and the stubborn resistance of Upcountry partisans to British and Tory dominance serves as an introduction to a balanced history which focuses more on events than individuals. The development of the county is covered under the following headings: the making of Spartan County; Spartan District, 1800-1825; the courthouse village; the old iron district; looms and spindles; doctrines and dogmas; schools and learning; the prosperous fifties; social life in the old days; secession and war years; political cross-currents, 1895-1868; the Union League and the Ku Klux Klan; the banner district of democracy, 1868-1876; rails and expansion; social life during Reconstruction; plows and progress; the Tillman era; Spartanburg, city of success; education and the arts; preparations for war; the Twenty-seventh Division at Camp Wadsworth; the year 1918; demobilization and memories; and these latter days. A selected bibliography is included.

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